DELOS - Deep-ocean Environmental Long-term Observatory System

The DELOS project aim is to increase our understanding of the deep water areas BP are gradually extending into, and provide long term environmental monitoring to enhance deep sea scientific research.

Two platforms have been deployed (February 2009), one within 50 metres of a sea floor well, and a second 16km from any sea floor infratstructure. These platforms are situated off Angola, in the Atlantic Ocean in the oil and gas exploration region termed Block 18 at a depth of 1400m. The platforms will be deployed for 25 years and serviced every 6 months by ROV. The long term monitoring by the DELOS platforms will allow:

DELOS frame loaded with instrument modules

Determine long term natural environmental conditions at deepwater site in Angola Block18:

  • Comparison with any changes observed at near field monitoring sites
  • Increase understanding of mechanisms linking climate change to deep water ecology
  • Measure and monitor deep-sea biological communities
  • Understand the pace of recovery from any unforeseen impacts
  • Differentiate between natural & man made changes providing a linkage between marine biodiversity & climate change

Determine long term effects of monitoring platform itself on natural processes

  • Understanding on reef effect of large fixed structures in deep water environment
  • Contributing to understanding of potential effects of sub-sea equipment in general

Contribute to individual & institutional capacity development in Angola

  • Working with Angolan Scientists in international collaboration
Block 18